One Line #2

“I hope she dies in the end. “ – A friend watching Love & Other Drugs Advertisements

Observations not Confessions

The first drink of the day, wether it is taken in the morning from the dregs of the night before or a more dignified evening sup amongst strangers in the pub, will always feel like the telling of a huge secret. Pouring in inspiring a pouring out. A relief , a grand release, shaking the…

Because May 27th sounds better than June 7th.

I feel I should write Before I sleep But I know not what It is May 27th and I have just removed my head From between the crack in my sofa bed I hoped that my ears would fall off And roll about Not that I was bothered by noise I thought at least I…

One Line #1

“Sports are a very special form of insanity. They have their own therapists. “

200mph Under the Seabed

The windows of a metro carriage can be you own expensively hung frame if you let them. Underground peoples have made the effort to place their art out there in the half-dark for those of us lucky enough to be on the inside. Then again most of us lucky people are too occupied with the…

I Woke Up From a Midday Coffee Crash Nap & Felt This Way

Fall into moonlight spotlight With filmy eyes blurred. Vignetted vision Pillowed sand under hands And knees shifting to cradle knuckles and kneecaps.I crawl to a spot of comfort. This tiny island of the seen A mini tundra of sand marked only by tufts of bleached grass. They spoil things I pick them out And pick…

W is for Wall of Sound

Bow before the monstrosity that is. For those that want a history of the term (which I don’t recommend as it’s not that relevant) you can go here –> Wikipedia – Wall of Sound Before we begin I’ve put together a chronological mix of songs on 8tracks for your listening pleasure –> LISTEN Tracklist: White…

The New Atlantis

The nights are getting warmer in sin city. I light a cigarette and stretch out across the ratty old sofa we lugged all the way up here on Tuesday. We chucked it on the balcony ‘cos it was chocking up the flat with ceaseless dust fog. Outside it seems to behave itself so here it’ll…

A Long Time Coming

For all those who helped make it. For all those who forgot about it. The original TYLYB magazine.

What do you mean it’s called the “Internets” now?

TIME FOR A FRESH START TYLYB Has been quiet for a long time but now it’s back. Hopefully this time around we can build something more interesting. Expect to see some overhauls soon as we try to transition into a dumping ground for curated, stolen and original work.

TYLYB has had a baby!

Sort of… I’ve just started working on a regular side project called “Ever, JML” It’s a collection of 6 page mini-magazines that will, unlike TYLYB, be a breeze to regularly update. Skip over to Ever, JML for a closer look. thankyouloveyoubye x