And now for something completely different…

O.K. so this has very little to do with the journal but I think it’s kind of important.

Having recently been researching pirate radio, due to my own peeves with BBC radio 1’s bastardization, I happily stumbled across the story of Radio Caroline.
Radio Caroline was started in the 60’s as a pirate radio station.  The term pirate having some reference to the fact that these DJs broadcast from a ship in international waters.  I won’t give you the entire history now, I’m sure between yourself and google you can find out all about it.

Anyway it turns out that Radio Caroline is still broadcasting… sort of.
They’re legal now and not exactly “at-sea” (they’re docked at Tilbury, Essex) but the music is as good as ever.  A beautiful mix of 60’s 70’s and some more modern rock ‘n’ roll.  The crew is full of characters and it feels as if you are listening to a real person play music on the radio as they bumble along in velvety tones.  Down with the playlist, Down with the script, Up Radio Caroline!

Anyway give it a listen on, We LOVE it, THANKYOUBYE X


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