It’s Been a While…


… but your breath will have to remain bated.

It’s a shame but I up and got a job, hence the lack of posting and radio shows.
The magazine is, as ever, nearly done. I just need to slap in another article to bulk it out and make me look clever.

One thing I did want to mention is the possibility of online distribution.
It has been my dream from the start to make this a printed journal but the reality is that I’m a poor little sod and that dream is slowly slipping away.  One of the reasons I was against eBooking or .pdf-ing or whatever is that it’s a horrible experience to try and read those things.  Now however there is some hope as the opportunity to create an online version of the magazine with turning pages et al. is now a reality thanks to the people at Issuu.

I’m still unsure about whether to pursue this online thingamajig or not.
On one hand I really owe it to all the people who have contributed to get their stuff out there in the public eye.
On the other I spent so much time mulling over different types of paper and printing/binding processes that it feels like a waste to just give in.

Answers on a postcard to…

thankyouloveyoubye x


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