Listen Up!

Herein lies the latest press release from HTLS:


This summer, Heal the Last Stand continue the never-ending search for ace vibes they call The Everlasting Peace Tour, with a road trip State-side!

In what promises to be the most far-out summer yet for these peaceful warriors,
Heal the Last Stand will head out to California just in time to declare their own independence on the 4th of July. The idea was given to them by Adam Walton, presenter of BBC Radio Wales’ Magical Mystery Tour, who dubbed their four-part harmonies, West Coast; the band’s style being inspired by many of the harmony bands of the 1960’s, they realised they would be well received on the Gold Coast. But as usual it’s their shear audacity that has got them this far, having driven to Barcelona last year in a Ford Mondeo, they’ve earned their stripes and are confident they can take on America.

The band say: “We’ve hooked up with a group based in Laguna Beach through MySpace, who will be putting us up and showing us round Los Angeles but there’ll be plenty of shows in San Diego and San Francisco, we’re hoping to cross the border to Mexico if we have time”. So, with a school bus that runs on vegetable oil and a host of songs with peaceful messages, this band don’t plan to break America but heal it.

On Saturday 22nd May, to celebrate the release of their new EP, Peace Is the Word, Heal’ will play a very special concert at The Grove Park Theatre, Wrexham. The band are excited at the prospect of a seated theatre show in front of nearly 200 people and say it’ll be the biggest show they’ve ever played: “We’ve played at Glastonbury Festival, in beautiful Churches with high ceilings, in Gaudi’s Park Güell in Barcelona and all have been special but this is a home town show, to potentially our biggest audience yet so, we plan to turn it up to 11”.

A limited edition of the CD will be available at the show, which contains five new tracks plus an a cappella version of their much loved song “Horizon (I Love You)”. From the 1st of June, Peace Is the Word will also be available to download from iTunes.

The first track “Forgive & Forget” was given ‘Single of the Week’ status on BBC Radio Wales’ Jamie & Louise show, after the band performed an impromptu cover of  “Bells of Rhumney” with The Alarm’s Mike Peters on Welsh Music Day. Following the success of that performance, the Healers have just completed a Live Session in the BBC’s Bangor studios for Adam Walton’s Magical Mystery Tour.

And finally, we’re delighted to announce, Heal the Last Stand have just been confirmed to play two sets at this years Glastonbury, the festival’s 40th Anniversary.

Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open for this band, more joyous news to follow…


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